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Bella Vista Rewards Terms & Conditions


  1.  Only customers who have 'booked direct' will have points issued against their stay.  To book direct you must either book at www.bellavista.co.nz, book by telephone, by email or directly with the motel in person. 
  2.  Each night's stay will be awarded 5 points per room, per night.
  3.  You need to accrue 25 points (from any location) before you are able to start redeeming those points against your stay.
  4.  One Bella Vista Rewards Point is equivalent to $1.
  5.  Bella Vista Rewards Points are valid for 12 months and will then expire.


Programme Partners

 North Island Partners  South Island Partners
 Bella Vista Whangarei  Bella Vista Nelson
 Bella Vista Hamilton   Bella Vista Blenheim
 Bella Vista Napier  Bella Vista Westport
 Bella Vista Palmerston North  Bella Vista Kaikoura
   Bella Vista Hanmer Springs
   Bella Vista Hanmer Springs
   Bella Vista Greymouth
 Non-Participating Bella Vista Motels  Bella Vista Hokitika
 Bella Vista Rotorua  Bella Vista Christchurch
 Bella Vista Gisborne   Bella Vista Franz Josef Glacier
 Bella Vista Taupo   Bella Vista Fox Glacier
 Bella Vista New Plymouth   Bella Vista Ashburton
 Bella Vista Wellington  Bella Vista Wanaka
 Bella Vista Queenstown  Bella Vista Oamaru
 Bella Vista Te Anau   Bella Vista Dunedin
 Bella Vista Invercargill   Bella Vista Mosgiel


Please note: The Bella Vista Motels which are not participating in the scheme will still accept points as part or full payment for your stay as long as your points balance exceeds 25 points.

The Bella Vista Rewards Loyalty Programme is operated in association with Goody Limited.  The following terms and conditions apply to Members of the Programme.


Programme: Bella Vista Reward Loyalty Programme.

Programme Operator: Bella Vista Management Limited. P.O. Box 262, Oamaru, 9444

Programme Partner: Any participating Bella Vista Motel.

Member: A person who has been approved by a Programme Partner to participate in the Programme.

Membership: Initial and ongoing acceptance by the Programme Operator as a member of the Programme.

Membership Card: The card that is provided to Members by a Programme Partner.

Membership Number: The unique number that is provided to a Member on their Membership Card or Smartphone App.

Membership Profile: The details of the Member held online by the Programme Operator.

Reward Dollar: A unit of value that may be redeemed towards payment of accommodation provided by a Programme Partner.

Points Balance: The total of unredeemed Reward Points in a Member’s account.



These Terms and Conditions are for the Bella Vista Rewards Loyalty Programme. Your participation in the Programme will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. It is a Member’s responsibility to read and understand them.  We ask that you read them carefully.

These Terms and Conditions apply to you if you are a Member of the Programme. Each use of your Membership Card or your Membership Number signifies your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as amended or altered from time to time.

The Programme Operator may at its entire discretion amend or alter these Terms and Conditions, from time to time.

Members do not have to pay to join the Programme.



The Programme Partners may vary from time to time. Members can check above for the directory of Programme Partners.



Membership is for an individual person and provides that person with certain benefits as set out in these Terms and Conditions:

a. The Programme Partner may approve the individual’s Membership application at its sole discretion;

b. The individual must be 18 years of age or older; and

c. The individual must provide and maintain a valid and unique email address for their Membership at the time of joining and for their period of Membership.

Term of Membership

The term of Membership is from the date of joining until either:

a. termination of Membership by the Member; or

b. termination of Membership by the Programme Partner or the Programme Operator; or

c. termination of the Programme by the Programme Operator.

Security of Membership Card and Membership Number

The Member must keep the Membership Card secure at all times.  If the Membership Card is lost or stolen, the Member must immediately advise the Programme Operator.



The Programme Partner will issue each Member with a Membership Card or the Member may choose to download the Goody App instead.

The Membership Card is not transferrable and must not be used by any person other than the assigned Member. This is a breach of membership which will result in termination of the card holders membership. 

The Member must keep the Membership Card secure at all times. If the Membership Card is lost or stolen, the Member must immediately advise the Programme Operator.

A Member must present their Membership Card or Smartphone App when making bookings or seeking to receive any Programme benefits.

The Programme Operator or Partner shall be entitled to assume that any person purporting to be a Member and provides (whether in person or through any electronic, telecommunications or other medium) the Membership name and number to the Programme Operator or Partner, is in fact the Member.

The Programme Operator or Partner shall be entitled to:

– reveal to any such person any and all information relating to their Membership and Membership bookings, and

– treat and act on any request of such a person with respect to any other matter regarding the Programme without taking any further steps to verify the identity of the person.



Only 1 card holder is permitted to accrue Bella Vista Rewards points per room per stay.

Bella Vista Rewards point has a value of $1 towards accommodation at a Programme Partner. Bella Vista Rewards have no value outside the Programme.

Bella Vista Rewards points are accrued for each night stayed.

Bella Vista Rewards points are valid for 12 months and must be redeemed for accommodation within that 12 month period.  Bonus Bella Vista Rewards and time sensitive offers are outside this period.

There is a minimum redemption value of 25 points but there is no prerequisite that you must stay at any more than one Bella Vista Motel to redeem your Bella Vista Rewards. 

Long term stays of more than 14 consecutive nights are excluded. Group or multiple room night bookings are excluded.  A group or multiple room night booking is classified as a member that has booked more than 1 room per night or is paying for more than 1 room per night.

Redemptions are for direct bookings only and cannot be redeemed through third party booking sites or agencies.

Bella Vista Rewards points are not redeemable for cash or credit.



If in the Programme Operator’s reasonable opinion, a Member is or may be using their Membership in an abusive or fraudulent way, has or appears to have failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions, has or appears to have committed any unlawful act, or causes or appears to have caused wilful damage to the Programme Operator’s property or a Programme Partner’s property, the Programme Operator may at its discretion:

a. immediately terminate the Membership;

b. suspend a Membership temporarily until further notice;

c. reverse or cancel any Bella Vista Rewards balance and/or other Programme benefits that a Member has accrued; or

d. refuse to honour the redemption of Bella Vista Rewards.

On notification of the death of a Member the Programme Operator will terminate the Membership.

The Programme Operator may terminate the Programme at any time without cause.

Bella Vista Management Limited or it's Programme Partners will not be responsible for any Bella Vista Rewards pointss accrued or redeemed if the Bella Vista Reward Programme ceases.

All Member benefits, offers and rewards will be forfeited on termination of a Membership or termination of the Programme. The Programme Operator (and its related bodies corporate and Programme Partners) will have no further liability to any Member on termination of the Member’s membership or on termination of the Programme.



Rewards and offers that are available to Members may be subject to some tax liability. The Member is responsible for any such taxes.

The Programme Operator will not sell, rent or loan any personal information to any third parties.

From time to time the Programme Operaotor will email you updates & keep you informed of competitions and special offers.

Members may unsubscribe/opt out at any time from receiving  updates. 

The above Terms & Conditions are subject to change.  The Programme Operator does not accept responsibility for direct or consequential loss due to any changes to the  Terms & Conditions.