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Safe Stays with Bella Vista Accommodation

Your health and safety is and has always been a core component of our Bella Vista locations hosting you.  Comfort, convenience, consistency and a stay that you can rely on as being safe, every time is simply a part of what we do.  We take our obligation to you seriously and in these challenging times,  Bella Vista Accommodation Nationwide has ensured that we are managing our business to Ministry of Health Guidelines. 

Bella Vista has put in place a range of measures that we hope will ensure you are confident to stay with us as listed below. Also be aware that Bella Vista's unique building design has limited or no internal spaces and no integrated heating and cooling systems.  You are able to stay with Bella Vista and be completely insulated from other guests and staff as your room offers full visibility of the car-park meaning you can come and go completely isolated from others.

When staying with Bella Vista you can feel confident and safe.

Contactless Check-in and Check-out

  • Bookings are undertaken online, or over the phone.  Walk-in bookings can be done by calling 0800 235 528 or within a safe distance in the office
  • Many Bella Vista's are now operating contactless check-in.  Please refer to your booking confirmation to check if this is the case.
  • Only one person (not including staff) will be allowed in the office at any one time - if at all.  Customer’s must follow safety guidance in reception.
  • Contract Tracing details will be taken as part of your check-in process.
  • Once booking details are confirmed, your room allocation will be organised. All relevant information including the room key and amenities will be left in the room and guests will be contacted via text message to direct them to the room for the evening.
  • All guests will be required to fill and sign our check in form as well as our contact tracing register which will be available in each room.
  • For any enquiries, guests can call reception during office hours.  Any requested items will be delivered outside of your room.
  • Upon departure, guests are expected to leave room keys in their rooms or in the key box outside the office for collection and disinfectant processing.
  • Copy of invoice will be e-mailed upon request after check-out


During Your Stay

  • Please follow social distancing guidelines and keep two meters apart from other guests. We will endeavor to spread guests out through the complex with tactical room allocations.
  • Please let reception know if you intend to use our guest laundry as this will be locked during this time for health and safety concerns.  The guest laundry will be fully sanitized between each guest use as required.
  • Should you require the use of any other facilities on site during your stay, please feel free to do so as all surfaces onsite will be sanitized daily.
  • Servicing of the rooms will remain optional for more than one night’s stay by means of turning service request cards around that are in each room visible to our staff
  • Should you require your sheets or towels to be changed, this will need to be done by yourselves or while you are not in your room.
  • All staff will be wearing PPE while on site including facemask and gloves.


Cleaning after Each Stay

  • Upon guest departure, the entire room will be treated with anti-viral spray and all linen to be washed and dried according to industry standard.
  • Each room will be fully aired for a minimum of two hours before spraying with Anti-Viral Spray and then locked
  • All rooms will be checked and sprayed daily on site and all handle and surfaces outside will be wiped with anti-viral treatments.
  • Wherever possible, a room will not be used for different customers on consecutive nights.  Our preference is to have a room stand empty for a minimum of 24 hours before it is used again for a new guest.  


Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.  If you have any questions please contact us on 0800 235 528.