- Gift Vouchers. You will wish you'd thought of them sooner!
Flexible dates

Gift a Bella Vista Getaway

Giving a Bella Vista gift voucher is a great idea and perfect for any occasion.

Whether it's a birthday treat, a hard earned thank you, Christmas, anniversaries, celebrating graduation, or for any special occasion, these vouchers will enable your family or friends the chance to enjoy a wonderful night away in a Bella Vista destination of their choice.

Available in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100, the vouchers provide the recipient fantastic flexibility as they are valid for up to one year at any location.



When you receive a Bella Vista Gift Voucher, it will be offered as part of Bella Vista Rewards.  This gives you certainty that your voucher is electronically registered against your preferred email address and the purchase and expiry date are recorded. 

Simply email or phone any Bella Vista on 0800 235 528 and they will send you the vouchers by mail.




Gift vouchers are available for purchase and redemption at all of Bella Vista's 27 locations nationwide. If you are in possession of a Gift Voucher and want to book, simply call 0800 235 528 and request the destination in which you want to stay.  #trustbellavista