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Momentus Senior Moments in New Plymouth

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New Plymouth, a charming coastal city on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island, offers a plethora of activities for individuals over 65 to enjoy from a central city New Plymouth accommodation.

From breathtaking natural landscapes to cultural attractions, here are the top 10 things for seniors to do in New Plymouth. Bella Vista New Plymouth is centrally located & is a few minutes’ walk from the Coastal Walkway, Len Lye Centre, TSB Showplace & Puke Ariki Museum.

  • Pukekura Park: Explore the tranquil beauty of Pukekura Park, known for its stunning gardens, lakes, and walking trails. Enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst colorful flowers and relax in the serene atmosphere. In summer, this is home to the Festival of Lights.
  • Coastal Walkway: Take a leisurely walk along the Coastal Walkway, a 13-kilometer scenic path that hugs the coastline. Breathe in the fresh sea air, admire the magnificent views of Mount Taranaki, and stop by one of the many cafes for a coffee or a bite to eat.

New Plymouth accommodation

  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre: Immerse yourself in contemporary art at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and experience the innovative works of Len Lye, a prominent New Zealand artist. The centre showcases interactive exhibits and thought-provoking installations & is a 30 second stroll from Bella Vista Accommodation New Plymouth.
  • Puke Ariki Museum: Delve into the history and culture of the Taranaki region at the Puke Ariki Museum. Learn about the area's Maori heritage, explore the extensive collection of artifacts, and engage in interactive displays.
  • TSB Showplace: Catch a live performance at the TSB Showplace, a premier entertainment venue. From musicals to concerts and comedy shows, there is always something to suit a variety of tastes.
  • Brooklands Zoo: Visit Brooklands Zoo, home to a range of exotic and native animals, is a perfect place to meet up with family and friends.This is only 6 minutes away from our New Plymouth motel.
  • Egmont National Park: Embark on an adventure to Egmont National Park, where the magnificent Mount Taranaki resides. Seniors can choose from a variety of walks suited to different fitness levels, enjoying stunning views, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls along the way.
  • Tawhiti Museum: Venture slightly outside New Plymouth to the Tawhiti Museum, where lifelike exhibits and miniature scenes bring history to life. Explore the vast collection of artworks and dioramas that showcase the region's heritage.
  • Coastal Scenic Drive: Take a scenic drive along the picturesque coastal route, enjoying the stunning vistas of rugged cliffs, rolling waves, and beautiful beaches. Stop at the charming seaside towns of Oakura and Opunake along the way.
  • Shopping and Dining: New Plymouth offers a range of boutique shops, art galleries, and charming cafes to explore. Enjoy a leisurely day of shopping, followed by a delicious meal at one of the city's many restaurants or waterfront eateries.

Whether enjoying the natural beauty of parks and beaches or immersing oneself in art, history, and culture, New Plymouth offers a diverse range of activities that cater to the interests of individuals over 65. With its welcoming atmosphere and stunning surroundings, this coastal gem promises an unforgettable experience for seniors seeking relaxation, adventure, and exploration.

New Plymouth Bella Vista offers modern rooms around a courtyard car-park, is an easy walk to local shops, eateries and the waterfront and is an incredibly popular New Plymouth accommodation choice.  We look forward to hosting you.



Secret Taupo

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Although Taupo is not exactly a secret, the wealth of diversity that it offers as a holiday destination, still seems to be a bit of a local’s secret.

For those who have grown up in the region, one could argue that there is no better place on earth, yet for most, it seems to be a place to drive through on the way to somewhere else.  International visitors regularly comment that they wished their travel agents had booked them more time here. So why doesn’t Taupo get the hype it deserves?


New Zealand has a lot of natural beauty. With endless beaches and well-known holiday destinations such as the snowy mountains of Queenstown. It’s understandable that the in-land farming pastures of the North Island might not be such an obvious choice. However, the sheer size and purity of Lake Taupo gives it a beachy and costal feel despite its central location.

There’s also huge variety of water sports including stand up paddle boarding, boating, sailing, jet skiing, wake boarding, wind surfing, kayaking, not least great swimming. There are endless small bays to explore, camp and picnic at along the 193Kms of lake front, some which are only reachable by boat or by hike.

The Great Lake Taupo is also the source of one of the largest rivers in New Zealand. The “Mighty Waikato” river, runs an incredible 425Kms from Taupo to Port Waikato where it meets the sea. If you want a more exciting adventure, the Aratiatia rapids are a prime location for white water rafting, and the Huka Falls by Jet boat is a thrilling ride, not to mention the river being a mecca for Fly Fishing enthusiasts the world over.

And if you thought swimming was just for the summer months, you are forgetting Taupo’s greatest asset, the abundance of geothermal activity. There is a plethora of thermals baths to choose from to soak your bones in the winter months. Not to mention the many free natural hots spots along the lake front and its nearby streams and rivers.

kayak taupo

Taupo’s central location makes it an easy drive from almost anywhere in the North Island, and on the major bus route from Auckland to Wellington. If that’s not enough you can fly directly to Taupo’s newly renovated airport, making it an exceedingly easy trip to plan.

If you want city comforts with a small town vibe, Taupo’s boutique shopping and dining options are all within an easy walk. Thriving and unique local business’s make this town vibrant and interesting, and the recent multi-million dollar facelift to the lake front offers biking and walking paths stretching in both directions from the city centre.

Post-Covid, the Taupo accommodation sector has been making a strong come back. With the highest rates of occupancy this summer since before the pandemic, makes it essential to book well ahead of your trip.

Taupo really has something for everyone, write your own adventure fairy-tale, right here in our backyard. What better reason is there to come and stay with us your best accommodation Taupo choice at Bella Vista Motel Taupo.

But remember, book ahead because the secrets out!

For the best deal, always Book Direct. Either book online or call 0800 235 528.

accommodation taupo

Sustainable New Plymouth Accommodation - Part Two

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We rejoin Bella Vista New Plymouth on their sustainability journey. This is another great article in how a small New Plymouth accommodation business is looking to make their mark in offering their guests a better choice when booking their New Plymouth motel.

Since the last time of writing, the team here at Bella Vista New Plymouth have been so busy with liaising and researching about the best path towards creating a sustainable business. What we are trying to complete is a blueprint for us (and also in helping others) that will lead us to the best-practice policies in our goal to measure & reduce, incoming & outgoing waste.

The over-arching principle in our journey is the Tiaki Promise. To provide a brief summation of the Tiaki Promise, it is important to first mention that in Maori culture, words have real power. It’s not enough to say it or pay lip service, you have to walk the talk.

Here, we welcome guests with respect, kindness & hospitality (Manaakitanga). Hear our call. Feel welcome. We also present our guests and visitors with a challenge (Wero), to act as a guardian, protecting & preserving New Zealand for now & for future generations – The Tiaki Promise.


tiaka promise bella vista new plymouth


In our role as guardians, we needed clear guidance first in our waste creation. How much waste are we creating? How much are we recycling versus going direct to landfill? In partnership with Waste Management, we now receive monthly reports which go into detail what & how much waste is being created. We learned that in a month, we are sending more than 300kgs to landfill and recycling nearly 50kgs of glass, cardboard & mixed plastic. Now that we have data that consistently measures output, we can put new procedures in place and we can see what results our changes are making. We can’t wait to share these results! I would recommend to any business wanting to improve their sustainability to reach out to their Rubbish/Recycling collection team & see what reports they can present to you.

In our previous story, we mentioned another important partner, New Plymouth District Council & their business sustainability team. They visited our New Plymouth accommodation, chatted with us and will prepare a report of their own in due course that has actionable ideas and opportunities that we might have missed. Through this discussion, already we can see that a few simple signs to guests highlighting some key recycling policies can go a long way towards them helping us achieve sustainably.

Another area we can improve our sustainability at our New Plymouth motel is to create policies & procedures to reduce food waste through the creation of compost bins and a worm farm, both of which can help the vegetables we grow here. We have also requested to be part of the councils 4-year sustainability audit which will look to track our progress over 4 years so we can all see longer-term how we are progressing. Nothing like having someone check your work to make sure we stick with it. We will update our story on what the council advised us in future updates, and hopefully give you some ideas that can help you, your business, your school and your neighbourhood.

Planning ahead, we can now start to see the shape of how our sustainability journey will progress. Using the Tiaki Promise as a guide in philosophy, we can measure how our New Plymouth motel is tracking though our Waste Management Sustainability Report as we adapt our business in line with the Council’s recommendations. There's so much to look forward to!

new plymouth accommodation


If you have any ideas that you think will help us to in our sustainability journey, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, email or give us a call on 06 769 5932.

Thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to hosting you at your New Plymouth motel if you are passing this way.


Sustainable New Plymouth Accommodation

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One of the things we are constantly hearing at Bella Vista New Plymouth is that our guests want to stay at a sustainable New Plymouth motel and support those accommodation businesses who share their values of reducing waste, water usage and carbon footprint. Pretty good goals right?  We thought so too, and this series of short stories is a tale of how our New Plymouth accommodation business is going about it.

sustainable new plymouth accommodation

For New Plymouth Bella Vista, it’s all about the guest experience. If we as a central city New Plymouth accommodation business align with our guests in thinking that we have a responsibility to look after this Earth for ourselves and those around us, there is nothing we can’t achieve. We have to do all we can to make sure we are operating under the best practices available, and we hope this story captures that.

First, the New Plymouth motel team looked at what we are doing right now. Pleasingly, we are getting a lot right already. We currently encourage guests to use the recycling bins for glass, cardboard and plastic.  We have changed those mini-bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash with larger recyclable on-wall units. Further, all pillows, pillow protectors and bed toppers have been made using recyclable plastic bottles. We have removed as much plastic from our motel rooms as we can and even have a couple of pet guinea pigs to help reduce our food waste going to the dump! These and other initiatives have earned us the Travel Sustainable Property badge on Booking.com. But we think we can still do more!

Recently our Bella Vista New Plymouth accommodation team reached out for a meeting with New Plymouth District Council to discuss what more we can do about reducing our waste and carbon footprint. Our motel is so lucky to have a council that actively supports businesses that are looking for ways to measure, reduce and review their systems. We are excited about this new partnership we are forging.

We’ve all seen the damage of rubbish and waste in our rivers and seas, and we are looking at what we can do to improve just a little bit in our corner of the world. For New Plymouth motel accommodation family our “get passionate” moment was when a bird’s nest fell from a tree and upon inspection, we discovered all this plastic woven into the nest. It was a haunting reminder of the impact we have all had on our eco-system and just how far we have fallen in our role of Kaitiaki (custodians) of this earth.

We want to do better. We are already measuring how much comes in and how much goes out. We want to work with those around us to ensure we bring in as little as possible and we want to ensure that what goes out is disposed of in the best possible manner. We want to find out more about our carbon footprint and ways we can reduce it.  The New Plymouth Bella Vista team is passionate about wanting to support local, national, and even global initiatives that help us become a more sustainable workplace and environment. We look forward to keeping you up to date with this story.

sustainable accommodation new plymouth

In the meantime, if you have any ideas that you think will help us to help the planet – feel free to connect with us on Facebook, email or give us a call on 06 769 5932.

Geothermal Attractions Around Taupo

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As part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone that stretches from Central North Island to Bay of Plenty, there are many geothermal attractions close to Taupo Bella Vista. Many of these attractions are within 1 hour’s drive from your Taupo Motel accommodation.


Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park

Orakei Korako is Bella Vista's top pick and arguably the best geothermal attraction around Taupo Region.  Considered as “off the beaten track” it is only 25 minutes’ drive from Taupo. To access the park, you need to drive for 30 minutes from the motel along state highway 1.  Once parked you can hop on an on-demand boat (included in the admission fee) which crosses the mighty Waikato River.

A boardwalk from the jetty leads you to the centre of the park where many geothermal features such as geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and massive silica terraces can be found. Do not miss the Ruatapu Cave. It takes average 1 hour to complete the self-guided walk.

Bella Vista Taupo Orakei Korako


Crater Of The Moon

Less than 10 minutes’ drive out of Taupo town centre is a lesser known geothermal area.  This area resembles lunar landscapes, features bubbling craters, steam vents and colourful soils. The walkway is mostly level and accessible to both wheelchair & pram (free for loan).   The entrance fee is good value at $8 for an adult. It takes a leisurely 45 minutes to complete a self-guided loop.

Craters of the Moon Bella Vista Taupo

Tokaanu Thermal Walk

Located at the southern end of Lake Taupo in the village of Tokaanu near Turangi, is this family-friendly walkway. You can complete the loop walk in around 15 minutes. All the features of the walk includiong steaming pools and spluttering mud pots are set amongst attractive native bush. Access is free, but do visit the thermal pools right next door which draws its mineral rich water from the hot streams. The people of local M?ori tribe have lived around the thermal area since the 16th century. 

Tokaanu Bella Vista Taupo

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Located off SH5 between Taupo and Rotorua lies one of the youngest geothermal area in the world, Waimangu Valley.

Not only does the park have some spectacular volcanic features such as craters, geysers, and hot springs, there is also the stories of the Mt Tarawera eruption. The volcanoes explosion not only resulted in this dramatic landscape, but also changed the lives of many.

You begin this unique experience by descending into the valley from top of a hill where you can see a range of geothermal activity and features. The highlight is the brilliant blue Inferno Crater. Continue your walk to Lake Rotomahana, or hop on the free shuttle back to where you started. If you choose the former, you have the option to join the lake cruise and learn more about the nature and human history of the area.

Depending on your schedule, allow 1 – 3 hours to explore and experience this amazing piece of the world.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley Bella Vista Taupo

Bella Vista Taupo is situated just a short walk from both Lake Taupo waterfront and the town.  Handy for shops and attractions it is a perfect getaway spot.  


Great Beaches in Whangarei

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Whangarei is becoming an incredibly popular destination for Aucklander's looking to take a couple of nights away. You can enjoy a range of activities and attractions during your stay and that includes, of course, a trip to one or two of the local beaches.

A relatively easy 150km drive from Auckland, Whangarei is a vibrant town with plenty to see and do, great restaurants and the popular town basin is a destination in its own right. The city is a great place to base yourself and of course, a perfect Whangarei accommodation option is 4 star rated Bella Vista.

Here is our rundown on the best beaches to visit in and around Whangarei.


Ruakaka Beach

Ruakaka Beach is just a 30 min car ride south of Whangarei.  The beach at Ruakaka is a great swimming beach with surf life guards on duty during the summer months and it is popular with locals, visitors from Whangarei and tourists alike.

Ruakaka is an open easterly facing ocean beach that does have rips and with a moderate gradient and usually one sandbar, it is sheltered from Northerly swells by Bream Head. Lots of people also surf fish along this beach as well. 

Ruakaka Beach


Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is 35km from Whangarei and it will take you about 40 min to drive there.  One of Whangarei’s premier surf beach. The beach is patrolled by life guards in the summer months.

There are oads of sand dunes to run up and down, rock pools to explore and maybe gather some sea food (Kai Moana).

With its beautiful white sand and views of Bream Head what more could you ask for from a beach. Park in the car park above which has toilets and walk down to the beach for a swim and picnic if you desire. Lots to explore along the coast.

Ocean Beach



A 35 min drive east of Whangarei and 36.5 kms along the Tutukaka coast, you will find this magnificent beach, our favorite beach.

Matapouri Bay has spectacular white sand and an estuary that you can swim in, this is one of the safest beaches to take the family swimming.  There is a small local store for that ice-cream at the end of the day for the kids.

You will also find a playground for the kids and tennis courts for adults and kids to play, at Matapouri Bay.  There is ample parking for everyone and also public toilets.

If you are feeling adventurous, why not take the walk to Whale Bay, which will take you 40 min one way. You will see spectacular views of the coast along the way.

Matapouri Bay


Whale Bay

Whale Bay is a short drive north past Matapouri Bay to the north, or just over the hill if you are walking.

With a bush fringed beach and white sand this is a great beach. Sorry but you will have to park on the road and walk down the hill to this beach but the walk is worth it, you will be walking through an ancient grove of Puriri Trees.

Take your snorkel gear with you for some great snorkeling and it's a great spot for picnics and safe swimming.  Whale Bay provides basic public toilets.

Whale Bay


Sandy Bay

A little further north from Whale Bay you are going to find Sandy Bay which is very popular for its great surf breaks.

More suited to all the surfers, but still a great beach to enjoy.  Parking is available off the road and there are basic toilets available. This is the furthest beach from Whangarei  - about 50 minutes away, but is worth the drive to see it.



Sharon, Jo and the whole team at your chosen Whangarei accommodation, which is of course, Bella Vista Whangarie are looking forward to hosting you.


Top Five Walks in Wanaka

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Wanaka is a walkers dream and there really is something for everyone.  Whether it be a steep, challenging upward climb, or a gentle amble alongside Lake Wanaka, you can take your pick depending on your mood.  Of course it is often those harder tramps that bring the rewards such as the view from Mount Iron that takes your eye across the lake to the peaks of the Southern Alps and Mount Aspiring National Park.  Whatever direction you head, you can be certain that you have made the right Wanaka accommodation choice with Bella Vista, quietly nestled in the heart of Wanaka township and a stone's throw from the lake.

Here's Bella Vista Wanaka's top five Wanaka Walks:


Roys Peak Track

A must do in New Zealand and an Instagram favourite, this day walk will give you magnificent views of Wanaka, the lake and the Southern Alps.  This walk is a 16km return walk which would take an average walker between 5-6 hours. This is a popular track and one of Wanaka's best day hikes.

Roy's Peak

Isthmus Peak Track 

A long, steady climb that rewards walkers with spectacular, panoramic views of Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea as well as the mountains of the Southern Alps.  The peak summit sits at 1,385 metres and this advanced walk will take somewhere between 5-7 hours.

Mt Iron Track

Mount Iron is one of Wanaka's most popular short walks with spectacular views. This walk is a 1.5 hour loop so is perfect if only stopping over in Wanaka for one night. The walk is suitable for all ages and abilities and whilst a little steep in parts, it is incredibly rewarding once you reach the top.


View from Mount Iron

Blue Pools

The Blue Pools track and the Young Link Track are located just outside of Makarora and snake through beautiful beech forests to the famous Blue Pools site.  This walk offers a perfect break to your journey if you are travelling between Wanaka and the West Coast.  The  Blue Pools track take about 1 hour return, is 3km long and walking through the mature beech forest across swing bridges to the pools.  The Youn Link track is a longer walk extending from the Blue Pools track which adds a further 4km to your tramp.


Wanaka to Albert Town

This walk takes you right from your room at Bella Vista Motel Wanaka along the edge of Wanaka to the Clutha River Outlet.  Then continue walking along the edge of the river to Albert Town.  Take your time and enjoy a cup of coffee at the famous Pembroke Patisserie.  You can then return the same way you came, or return to Wanaka via the Mount Iron Track.  Finish the day with an ice cream at the very popular Patagonia Chocolates lake front store.


Tom, Melissa and the team look forward to hosting you

Mountain Bike Canterbury

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There are so many mountain biking options, for every level of confidence and expertise in Mid Canterbury, you can stay and play for days on our trails.

Hi, I’m Michelle, owner/ operator of the Bella Vista Ashburton along with my husband Paul and daughter Stella. I am an avid mountain biker and love nothing more than riding the local tracks with my family and friends.  

I’ve lived in this district most of my life and worked in the Outdoor Education sector for years and I just love being in the outdoors. I enjoy promoting a positive culture of mountain biking in the community and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you, to help you discover and explore the best places to go for a relaxed and easy ride with the family, and the more adventurous or adrenalin fuelled fun rides in Mid Canterbury.

A local gem and one of my favourites is right on my door step - The Ashburton River Trail loop and Skills Park, a really nice place following a single track, designed for fun for all the family and it’s e-bike friendly.  The Skills Park is an area developed by Mountain Bike Ashburton for riders to practice and improve their skills. We have pump tracks, jumps, rock gardens and wooden structures of varying difficulty including for kids!


Ashburton Skills Park


The 11.5 km  river track is mostly Grade 3, with easy or more difficult options around all the nice curves, berms, humps, sweeping dips, bridges, non threatening drop offs, wooden structures and rock gardens.  It  is a wonderful ride for beginners and is interesting for riders of all skills. The trail is well looked after by volunteers and sign posted to guide riders through the named sections in a clockwise direction, with turn around points in serval places to shorten the ride. You can find out more by visiting the Ashburton MTB website  or the mountain bike trail directory, Trailforks 

Other trails close by are Lake Hood and Hakatere Ride to the beach, both making for a very pleasant spin. Cross Country adventure can be found found in the spectacular high country at the Hakatere Conservation Park and an adrenaline rush at the Mt Hutt Bike Park, only a 45 min drive away.


Mountain Bike Canterbury


With your ride completed, return to Bella Vista Motel Ashburton to wash down your bikes, enjoy a comfortable nights sleep, all ready for the next exciting day. If you need some help with gear, check out my friends from Stocked Cycles for advice.

 I can't believe nobody has commented on this at all. This is a really fun spot with fun little jumps and the straight roller section was a blast to work on manuals through rollers. Pump track is super fun. Thank you for building this spot we had a blast.

Ashburton is a great place to base yourself as you enjoy all the local mountain biking adventures. Give me a call to book your next break away with the family - 03 3077505.  We look forward to hosting you.



Mountain Bike Ashburton

Free Things in Taupo

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Taupo, at the heart of the North Island has been a magnet for tourist for decades. The close proximity of many attractions makes exploring from your Taupo motel accommodation very easy.

Below are just a few of the many things you can enjoy doing for free while in Taupo.


Huka Falls

Most-visited natural attraction in NZ. Nearly a quarter of a million litres of water per second gushing through a narrow gorge into the mighty Waikato River. There is a popular walking track along the river connecting to Spa Thermal Park near town.

Huka Falls


Spa Thermal Park

Wanting a free outdoor hot pool experience? The area has been recently upgraded, which includes toilet & changing room. There is even a pop-up café. Avoid the crowd by visiting in the morning.

Taupo Spa Thermal Park


The Great Lake Pathway

The walkway shore begins in the town centre and extend along the lake to 5 Miles Bay. It is perfectly suited for families & offers spectacular views across Lake Taupo to the snow-capped peaks of Central Plateau volcanoes. There is plenty of stop off points for breaks, coffee, ice-cream, swims & photo opportunities.  

Great Lake Pathway Taupo


Aratiatia Rapids

Watch the release of millions of litres of water from the Aratiatia Dam, which creates a spectacular flow of water through a narrow gorge. Best vantage point is just 10 minutes’ walk downstream on a well-marked track. Release daily at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm (and 4pm during summer).

Aratiatia Rapids


Taupo Graffiato

Check out over 80 murals painted around the Taupo town centre. These murals brings transformation, wonder and vibrancy to the urban lane ways and streets. Don’t forget to check out the painted helicopter located at THE HUB near Huka Falls.

Taupo Graffiato


Weekend Markets

There are 2 community markets in Taupo held on weekends. Abundance of art and craft stalls, fruit, vegetables, flowers, artisan baked goods, and hot meals are available. Both open from 9am – 1pm.

Farmers Market – Every Saturdays. Nukahau Shops, 3 minutes’ drive from town centre. Market Central – Every Sunday. Northcote Reserve along the lake front in town centre.


taupo farmers market


Bella Vista Taupo is located just a few blocks from both the town centre and Taupo lake front.  Situated on a quiet road it is easily accessible and well located.  Jason and Miyuki look forward to hosting you. 

Taupo - A Winter Wonderland in the heart of North Island

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If you are planning a short winter getaway, come to Great Lake Taupo and visit the Whakapapa Ski Area.

The Whakapapa ski area lies just over an hour's drive from Taupo. It is the winter playground not only for experienced skiers, but also for young families wanting to have some fun on the snow, without strapping onto a pair of skis or board.

Whakapapa situated on Mount Ruapehu, and is New Zealand's biggest ski area which has a great choice of trails offering intermediate and advanced options.  There is also the famed Happy Valley, a safe, sheltered and enjoyable place for the whole family to have fun on the snow. Happy Valley claims to be NZ's premier beginner facility home to a sledding slope, with a fleet of toboggans for hire that will have you sliding down the snow with a huge smile. It has a long, gentle slope, a chairlift and magic carpet, complete with cafe and rental facilities.

If hitting the snow is not your thing, how about riding the country's largest gondola?  The new Sky Waka gondola will take you from the ski area base to the Knoll Ridge Chalet. Situated at 2,020m above sea level, it is New Zealand’s highest restaurant. Here you will find great coffee, gourmet fare and incredible views out over the Central Plateau of New Zealand's North Island.

Skywaka Taupo Accommodation

After a full day of snow fun the chances are you will be feeling a little achy after a day up on the mountain.  The perfect antidote is to head back to Taupo and relax and unwind in one of the many hot pools in town.  You can spend your evening by taking a wander by the lake before dinner and watch the town come to life with fairy light-lined streets and cosy bars and restaurants with hearty winter food menus, mulled wine and crackling fires. There are so many eateries to choose from - but we will gladly help you make the right choice.

Taupo is a winter wonderland in the heart of North Island, full of options for those who want to experience New Zealand winter. With a range of off-mountain experiences too, Taupo is the perfect base to experience what Central Plateau has to offer.

Whether a couple of day’s getaway, or longer stay, Bella Vista Motel will be your first choice for Taupo accommodation. Even with the temperature outside near sub-zero, you can always come back to a warm and comfortable room.  Jason and Miyuki will be more than happy to host you and with a range of room's to suit everyone's needs, heat pumps to keep warm, free parking, free unlimited WiFi and a central location, they are waiting for your booking.  

Bella Vista looks forward to hosting you.